Tommy Hilgiger announces Tommy Jeans “Music Takes Us Further” Campaign

Tommy Hilfiger announces the Spring 2021 TOMMY JEANS Music Takes Us Further campaign, built on the brand’s deeply rooted music heritage. The campaign was brought to life by an eclectic mix of creative talent including musicians, poets and activists from diverse walks of life. Each shares their unique perspective on utilizing music to drive social change, inspiring fans to contribute a future that “Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All.” The collection will be available on, at TOMMY JEANS stores worldwide and through select wholesale partners beginning February 4, 2021.


The Spring 2021 TOMMY JEANS collection channels urban and athletic influences. Classic styles and archive heroes are updated with a fresh modern twist and available in extended sizes. Continuing the brand’s ambitious sustainability mission, high-tech innovations allow for more sustainable fabrications. This includes 100% recycled denim created using an innovative technique that blends bedsheets with other recycled cotton scraps far surpassing the industry average of 30% recycled cotton. Water use is reduced considerably, enabling us to save up to 50 liters of water per garment compared to like-for-like denim washes.


The Spring 2021 TOMMY JEANS campaign is self-shot and self-styled by an inspiring cast of creative talent encompassing different nationalities, sizes, ethnicities and gender identities. Their individual journeys, viewpoints and activism speak to the TOMMY JEANS brand spirit. The campaign talent includes:  


Zoey Lily (UK) @mezoeylily: Independent singer and songwriter using her platform to spark change. Lily teamed up with charities to donate 100% of the proceeds from the first two months of streams and downloads of her latest song.  
Akini Jing (China) @jingsmusic: Rapper producing a unique blend of musical art and advocating for environmental and social sustainability.  
Dreamer Boy (USA) @dreamerboyblue: Singer and songwriter embodying and celebrating the beauty of local youth culture, human connection and the wellbeing of the planet.  
SAYGRACE (Australia) @callmesaygrace: R&B singer using her platform to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, as well as the troubles of dating in the digital age.  
KeKe (Austria) @keke_offiziell: Upcoming musician, rapper and activist inspiring others by sharing her struggles with food anxiety. While creating new music, KeKe still works as a carer for people with disabilities.
Mavi Phoenix (Austria) @maviphoenix: Rapper using his music to speak out on gender dysphoria and process his gender spectrum self-discovery by playing with various masculine narratives.
Lucia Luciano & Gizem Adiyaman (Germany) @_lucial & @heymeg10: DJs and co-founders of @hoe__mies, a party series and feel-good community space centered around women, non-binary, and trans people, primarily catering to an audience of color.
Gabriela Richardson (Spain) @gabrielarichardson: Upcoming musician, activist and model using her global platform to actively support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Tayahna Walcott (USA) @taliaagoddess: Multi-hyphenate creative artist, DJ, producer and model using her art to advocate for and empower others to transcend stereotypes.
Annahstasia (USA) @annahstasia: Soul singer, songwriter and visual artist whose work focuses on nature, femininity, home and connection. She educates through Black Lives Matter insights and runs a live talk show centered around culture and identity.
Elena Midori (Japan) @elena_midori: Multi-genre DJ collaborating with the Black Roots project, a collective of creative professionals in Tokyo supporting and uplifting the Black community, its history, culture and values.
Curtis Waters (USA) @imcurtiswaters: Singer, songwriter, producer and artist using his platform to spread positive messages to his largely Gen-Z audience about gender, race and sexuality.
Dee Koala (South Africa) @dee_koala: Xhosa rapper and rising star sharing her love for her native language and destigmatize her upbringing in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa through her catchy lyrics.
Yazid Bezaz (Morocco) @izudizzy: Creative curator, music manager and co-founder of SOMNII (@somniiproductions), a music label aiming to put Moroccan rap and trap music on the global stage by supporting and amplifying the upcoming voices of Marrakech, Morocco and North Africa.  
Kai-Isaiah Jamal (UK) @kai_isaiah_jamal: Poet and trans visibility activist writing about their personal experiences with masculinity, discrimination and dysphoria to educate others on how to be a better ally to trans people. They also use their platform to make poetry accessible to young people of color and LGBTQIA+ people.
Deb Never (USA) @debnever: Grunge Rap singer actively driving change around queer culture, LGBTQIA+ rights and inequality. Deb Never helped build a community school for children lacking access to creative equipment, giving them a space to explore their own passions.
Batekoo (Brazil) @batekoo: Collective focusing on entertainment, culture and information for black and LGBTQIA+ youth in Brazil. Batekoo provides a safe place for marginalized people to feel accepted and have fun, sometimes hiding runaways who fear for their lives in their communities.  
J Grrey (UK) @jgrrey: Neo-soul singer whose music is a frank, honest and reflective take on topics including self-worth and difficult relationships.
ROZZY DC (France) @rozzydc: Creative, model and rapper representing a new wave of French artists and showing the potential to flourish in several genres of music.  
RINI (Australia) @rinidawg: Singer, songwriter and producer garnering huge international attention reaching over 30 Million plays on Spotify alone. Within the short span of a year, the young up-and-comer’s growth on a personal level bleeds into his music, with material that is full of profound meaning and described by the artist as a love letter to life.  
Pretty Solero (Italy) @papydelgang126: Rapper, entrepreneur and founding member of Lovegang pushing young talent to pursue their aspirations. Solero’s music is influenced by trap, social and political issues in his home country.  
Yuzion (South Korea) @yuz1on: Independent rapper creating music about coming of age and making it in the music business.  


Fans are encouraged to follow @TommyJeans to join the growing TOMMY JEANS community. In line with their music-inspired heritage, the @TommyJeans Instagram account delivers 24/7 experimental content and pushes the boundaries as a destination for fashion authenticity, self-expression and exchange. Join the conversation on social media using #TommyJeans and #TommyHilfiger.

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